We about us

Our trading company was founded in 1991 by Werner Beringer under the name WB Im- und Export W. Beringer & Co. GmbH in Goermin/Boeken, near the historic university town of Greifswald. Since the beginning, the goal was to organize raw materials from all over the world for the industry in the core areas of food supplement/food, cosmetics and pharmacy as specialists for import and export. Over the years, this resulted in extensive trade relationships with dealers and producers, especially in Asia, the USA and South America, but also with specialists in Europe, Africa and New Zealand.

At the beginning of 2019, the management of the company within the family was passed on to the son Alexander Beringer. In the course of the generation change, the company was renamed AB Im- und Export A. Beringer & Co. GmbH, which was applicable from January 2020. Also in 2019, a new office in Güstrow near Rostock was created to meet the growing requirements through better logistical options, larger storage space and an improved digital infrastructure. After the end of the construction work and the successful acclimatization, the old headquarters in Goermin/Boeken was closed and all activities were moved to the new headquarters in Güstrow.

The company AB Im- und Export continues to see itself as a wholesaler for corresponding industrial branches, but also as a dealer and contact person for the steadily growing number of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and self-employed persons who market their products on the various trade portals on the Internet or on site.

In addition to fair profitability in pricing, we attach particular importance to the quality of our products.
We try to ensure this through close cooperation with our producers and business partners abroad, controls through audits and extensive analyzes in accredited laboratories. At the same time, we have ourselves checked and certified annually according to the quality guidelines ISO 9001 and ISO 22000.