Saw Palmetto Extract

The Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens) is a bushy dwarf palm only up to four meters tall located in the south-eastern United States. It has fan-shaped leaves, which consist of 18 to 24 individual leaves with sharply sawn at the edge. The flowers are arranged in densely hairy, piston-like inflorescences. The fruits look like olives and appear dark red. They are lonely berries that turn black when dried.

While many commercial extract powders are often made directly from the fruits by drying and grinding, here we go one step further.
Using CO2-SFE extraction, the valuable ingredients of the fruits, especially the fatty acids from the fruits, are extracted into a saw palmetto oil. With the addition of carriers, only this pure oil is subsequently dried. This is how we create our high-quality Saw Palmetto Extract .

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