Barley Grass Juice Powder

From the seeds of the barley, seedlings grow which are referred to as barley grass. Before these seedlings form the ears, the grass is harvested, dried and ground. This is how the barley grass powder, now well known, is created.

For a few years now there have also been production processes in which the barley grass is cold-pressed before drying in order to extract the juice that escapes. In comparison to regular grass powder, this barley grass juice shows a higher nutrient concentration with a low fiber density.

The corresponding seedlings for our product come from controlled organic cultivation in Utah, USA. Thanks to its development over the course of millions of years, the soil there is particularly nutritious and predestined for agriculture. Exactly one to one and a half weeks after the seedlings have broken out of the seed, they are harvested. At this point they have the highest nutrient density. The harvested grass is immediately pressed and then cooled to about 1 °C before it is processed into the finished powder with patented gentle drying. All these process steps have been developed to such an extent that there is almost no difference between the fresh juice and our finished Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder (dissolved in water), neither organoleptic, nor with regard to the nutrients.