Organic Lyophilized Kombucha

Kombucha was originally part of Asian folk medicine. The strange fermented drink is probably already known longer. The kombucha drink is said to have been drunk in ancient China about 2200 years ago to gain immortality. In Chinese tradition "immortality" means to lead a long and healthy life, with full vitality and well-being until old age.
Kombucha is not a new fashion drink, but an ancient power drink of different peoples and cultures. Only today, when we value the appreciation of natural products and the making of food, it is rediscovered and spread more and more.

The basis is a tea mixture of green tea and various herbs with the addition of sugar and the Kombucha culture. The culture reacts with the sugar in the tea and thereby denatures it.
The metabolic processes in the tea lead within a few days to the formation of a solid mass, which is produced by the bacteria and consists of cellulose. This tea fungus called "scoby" floats on top of the beverage and gradually covers the entire surface. Over time, it grows to a solid layer and becomes several inches thick.

To obtain the finished Kombucha beverage, the mushroom is now removed and the remaining liquid, the unfiltered Kombucha tea, is completely freeze-dried with the addition of a carrier.
The result is our currently unique, fully organic certified Lyophilized Kombucha.

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