Organic Mango Fruit Powder

The mango is native to Asia in particular from India to the Philippines. Today, however, the very popular fruit is cultivated worldwide wherever tropical and subtropical climatic conditions prevail.

The national fruit of India, which has always been praised there as the “food of the gods”, is also a very popular exotic product in this country, which was brought to Europe by Portuguese sailors in the 16th century.

The mango is particularly valuable because with more than 12 vitamins and a high concentration of minerals and carotenoids, especially beta-carotene, it offers a wealth of healthy ingredients. The fruit is also very popular in terms of taste, as it tastes very sweet due to its low acidity and high fructose content.

With our gentle freeze-drying, the water is removed from the fruit, which it consists of up to 90% and concentrated to a ratio of about 7:1. Our organic mangoes are mainly from South America, where they are harvested when they are ripe and getting lyophilized immediately on site. In this way, all ingredients are retained during transport and subsequent treatment for ripening, as with fresh fruit, is no longer necessary.

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